How To Install Vimeo Kodi Addon {Latest} on KoDi 17.6

Download & Install Vimeo Kodi Addon on Latest Version Kodi Player 17.6

Vimeo Kodi Addon Download: Hello Guys, Now in this article, We are going to see How to Download and Install Vimeo Koid Addon on the Latest Version of Kodi 17.6 and the other Kodi Krypton series and also on the Kodi Jarvis 16.1. So Kindly note that Vimeo Kodi is actually one of the biggest video watching and sharing Website. So by Using Vimeo Kodi Addon, Here you will be able to watch Vimeo Videos but here you will be required a proper Vimeo account to just enjoy all the videos. And this addon will just provide an interface to Vimeo Website on the Kodi Player. So, As it is an Official Kodi Addon, now it can be downloaded very Quicker and so eaiser compared to other addons.

Vimeo Kodi Addon Download

Different Methods to Download Vimeo Kodi Addon on Kodi Player:

Actually, There are different methods which are available to download  this addon on Kodi player. And here are the following methods.

. Download Vimeo Kodi Addon using Install from Zip file

. How to Install Vimeo Kodi using Addon Repository

How to Download Vimeo Kodi Addon on Kodi 17.6 using Offical Kodi Website:

Note: Here the Offical Kodi Website recommends the users to install this addon from Kodi Addon Repository of Kodi player rather than installing using the Zip file. Hence here the users are requested to decide their preferable methods and Kodi does not  bear any responsibility for what user actually decides. Now for more info. Kindly Visit our Disclaimer Page.

So in this method, here we will download the Vimeo Kodi Addon Zip file from official Kodi Website and will also install it on the Kodi 17.6  here the steps are very simple.

  • Now Open Kodi 17.6 or the other Kodi Krypton series.
  • From there go to Addons section.
  • select Addons .
  • Then Choose Addons icon which is available on the Top Left of the screen.
  • Now choose Addons icon.
  • Now move forward and install Zip file.
  • And Install Zip File .
  • Now Navigate to the Repo that which we have downloaded in the ( and then choose Install.
  • Navigate to the Repo.
  • Here you to need to wait with patience for Addon Enabled Notification of Vimeo Kodi addon.
  • Addon Enabled Notification.

So, Once you get the Addon Enabled Notification of Vimeo Kodi Addon then the addon is all set and ready to use on your Latest version Kodi 17.6 and also on the other Kodi series in openload pairing

How To install Vimeo Addon using Kodi Addon Repository- Direct Method:

I would say this is the direct method to download and install this addon on kodi player. And now the official Kodi website also recommends all the users to install this addon using Kodi Addon Repository instead than doing it by downloading the Vimeo Kodi Addon Zip file.

  • Now, Open Kodi Player.
  • And now choose Addons Section which is available on the left of the Screen.
  • And Select Addons
  • Then choose Addons icon now.
  • Select Addons icon
  • Now select install from Repository
  • After installing from Repository
  • Now Open Kodi Adon Repository.
  • Kodi Addon Repository
  • Then Choose Video Addons.
  • Now,Select Video Addons
  • Then, Search and locate Vimeo Addon from the list.
  • Now Locate Vimeo Kodi Addon
  • Then Choose Install.
  • After Choosing install
  • Just Kindly wait with patience for Addon Enabled Notification of Vimeo Kodi Addon on Kodi Player.
  • Addon Enabled Notification
  • So, Once you get the Addon Enabled Notification of Vimeo Kodi Addon then it all set and ready for use on your super smart Kodi Player.

So, Once you install the Vimeo Kodi Addon then here you can just login by using your vimeo Account and then you can start it by using the Vimeo Kodi Addon on Kodi Player on tvad me pair

Configure Vimeo Account on Vimeo Kodi Addon:

When you once install the Addon and when you open the addon and there you will be asked to get signed in for using your Vimeo Account. And then kindly follow the below mentioned steps to just configure your Vimeo Account on Vimeo Kodi Addon.

  1. Here you need to select Sign in.
  2. You will find a pop-up which is like Vimeo Settings.
  3. Then just choose your Username and then type your username and then click ok.
  4. Now, Choose secret password and then enter your Vimeo Account password and then just Click OK.
  5. Then there it ends Guys. So once you enter the proper login information then from there you can just start using the Vimeo Addon on Kodi Player.

Conclusion of the Article:

Here this article provides you the complete information about Vimeo Kodi Addon and then it also provides all the different methods to Download and to install Vimeo Kodi Addon on Latest Kodi 17.6 and also the other Kodi series. So, If you have got any Query or like if you have face any kind of problem in the following steps then just please comment in the below comment section and we will revert back with super solving solution very soon. Have a Good Day! See you soon Guys.